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VIP design days

Design Days

it’s all about you

Design Days

it’s all about you
VIP design days

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to get your business online?

Don’t have months to waste waiting for one to be built the traditional way.

Know it needs to be done but don’t know how?

Have better things you’d rather be doing like serving your clients?

Sound Familiar?


I Can Help

Getting your business noticed online shouldn’t be a burden, in fact, it should be a fun and exciting journey.

Traditional websites can take months to build and as a very famous YouTube celebrity once said “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Your time is precious, don’t waste it waiting on a website that takes forever and is wrought with frustrating back and forth emails, delaying the process even more.  Get a top notch website that converts done fast with Vip Design Days.

In just 2 days you could have the brand-worthy website you’ve always dreamed of.   As my Vip, you’ll have my ears, eyes, and brain focused solely on your business to bring your brand voice + vision to life.

I want you to succeed!  I want you to jump for joy when you see your beautiful shiny new website for the first time.  Don’t you deserve good things too?

Some Client Love

Some Of My Work

VIP Design Days – A Simple Process

Step 1



Choose a date that works best for you. Allow 2 weeks to complete your prep work prior to your VIP Design Days.

Although you won’t need to be present in person throughout the day, you will be required to be available via chat and messaging services to provide quick feedback when needed, so don’t pick dates where you know you’re too busy.

Book your date with a 50% deposit or pay in full.

Step 2


Once you’ve locked in your dates, you’ll receive a welcome email from moi. This will provide access to your own private portal and your mini-course designed to take you step by step through the process of collecting the content needed for your website.

You’ll want to complete the prep work before our kick-off strategy call so that we can be as efficient as possible during our design days.

Step 3


On your days, we will communicate through a voice or chat messaging service of your choice. Throughout the day I will check in with you to share progress and get feedback.

While the design process is very collaborative it won’t be in person, so you can carry on with your business as usual so long as you can stop to respond to me as needed.

Step 4


After we’ve completed our days together, you’ll have 30 days of post-design support for anything related to the work we did during your VIP Day!

You’ll continue to have access to your private portal filled with WordPress Tutorials and helpful videos.  If after your design days you would like even more work done, there will be options to book additional design days.


IMPORTANT:  When you book your Design Days, you’re booking my time, not a set of deliverables, so I can’t 100% guarantee that everything will get completed.  Before we get your day locked in, we’ll discuss the tasks and set realistic expectations for what can be done during our days.  To get the most out of your days fast feedback and good communication is essential.

VIP Design day packages

6 Reasons My Clients Love VIP Design Days

1. They have my eyes, ears, and brain focused solely on them throughout the process!

2. It’s quick!  Two days vs months of back-and-forth emails, it’s a no-brainer.

3. Real-time feedback sees your website built much faster.

4. It’s a tried and true system that’s proven to be effective and reliable.

5. It’s a fun and exciting journey that has tangible results after just 2 days!

6. You know the exact launch date, so you can have the bubbles chilled ready to celebrate!

You Ask, I Answer


I work with small to medium-sized businesses be they solo or entrepreneurs.  I have a passion for animals and years of experience in the travel and accommodation industry, so especially enjoy building websites related to these.  I also live a low carb or Keto lifestyle (most of the time) so am always interested in working with people on the same path.

That said I love to work with like-minded people who share a love for fun and a lust for life.

Do I have to be available all day?

You are required to be available via a voice or chat messaging service throughout your design days.  This is not an in-person service so you are free to go about your business, so long as you are able to reply and offer feedback promptly as required.

The quicker the communication the more we can get done on your days.


I need to know what your priorities are, and a lot of information about your business. We will go over this during your discovery call, just to make sure you are ready to work with a designer.

Once you’ve committed to working together I’ll send you access to your client portal and your prep work mini-course. The mini-course will take you step by step through the process of gathering content for your website (fonts, logo, images, colours, copy etc).

If you do not have branding assets already, please let me know so that I can either make referrals or discuss your options.

why do traditional websites take so long?

Traditional website practices see the designer working with multiple clients at the same time.  This means they may only be able to work on your website for a short amount of time each week, therefore it can take much longer to complete the build.

Communication is often slow with endless back and forth emails or calls, where the designer and client are waiting on one another to respond, during which time work can be at a frustrating standstill.

I used to work this way too, and trust me it’s not helpful for either party.  That’s why I moved to the VIP intensive model where quick communication and prep work sees the process run so much smoother, meaning you see results fast.


✗ Website hosting fees

✗ Domain hosting and fees

✗ Desktop & web licenses for specialized fonts

✗ Email hosting

✗ SEO keyword research

✗ Copywriting

✗ Any third-party software, plugins or addons

How much can we really get done?

Design Days means that you’re booking my time, not a set of deliverables, so I can’t 100% guarantee that everything will get completed.

Before we get your days locked in, we’ll discuss the tasks and set realistic expectations for what can be done within those days.

If I feel your list of tasks won’t fit into just 2 days, I will recommend an additional day or half-day before you book your Design Days.

can i make changes afterwards?

Absolutely! WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms out there with a wealth of resources available online.  But to make things even easier, I will provide you with a tutorial video.  This video will show you the basics like changing out images or changing text.

Additionally, you’ll have access to me via email and WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for 30 days following your Design Days. During this time I offer technical support and am happy to jump in and make fixes if needed to the work we did during our days!

If you need to make a larger change, or the change needs to be made over 1 month following your Design Day, just shoot me an email and we can discuss options.

is improved website conversation guaranteed?

I offer basic SEO and will set your site up for the best chance of success.  But as there are many factors that affect SEO, nothing is guaranteed online.  Optimization for conversions is a long-term process.

Although your website will be set up for success, it is up to you to drive traffic to your site, and follow through to optimize your conversions.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

I don’t offer refunds.

If you’re not able to make your scheduled day, you may reschedule once within 60 days of the original date. You will need to provide seven days’ notice to reschedule. If you offer less than seven days’ notice, there will be a rescheduling fee of $500.

I'm ready! How do we get started??

Simply click the link below to book your discovery call.  Make sure to fill out the accompanying questionnaire so I can get a good feel for you, your business, and your needs. Once on your discovery call, we will talk about your project in greater detail.

 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. 

Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

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